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Pre Tap Connectors Installation Instructions

Supertaps 100mm Pn16

  1. Thoroughly clean the ends of the pipe to be fitted of any sand and dirt.
  2. Check sealing rings are clean and fitted correctly in their seating grooves.
  3. Lubricate sealing rings with approved antibacterial lubricant.
  4. Fit pipe into the ends making sure the off-takes are evenly aligned.
  5. Apply NO MORE than two wraps of sealing tape to the length of the thread on the attachment to be fitted into the off-take, screw in by hand firm, then tighten from one half to one full turn with a wrench. This is all that is required to provide a firm, waterproof seal. ( 20Ft/Lbs or 30Nm is the maximum torque required)

NOTE: Off-takes will only accept fittings with RC3/4" / 20mm taper threads.

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