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Tapping Bands Installation Instructions

Assemble clean O'Ring or E-Lip seal carefully onto band, making sure no dirt etc. is in the Tapping Band groove. Extra care must be taken when fitting curved E-Lips. Mating any positioning lug into the matching notch in the band groove to ensure they are aligned correctly.

Position band on a clean section of pipe and do up the bolts until band is secure on the pipe; 10Ft lbs/15Nm Torque is sufficient.

Take-off fittings need to be tightened to 20Ft lbs/30Nm and Ferrules must not be screwed in beyond their thread depth. Hand Tight plus half to full turn with a wrench is all that is necessary. No more than two to three wraps of thread tape is required. Service pipes should be orientated so that no undue leverage is exerted on the band.

Tap the pipe through the band being careful not to damage the band nor force swarf under the seal. (It is good practice to mark the pipe so that if the band is removed for any reason it may be replaced exactly and centrally over the tapped hole. Locating-inserts are available, which also restrict any turning or sliding movement on the band of the tapped pipe).

If any movement of the system is likely to occur through soil subsidence, water hammer, expansion etc, suitable precautions to prevent such forces moving the bands must be taken, eg Thrust blocks.

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