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Our Values

Our Values and Guiding Principles

4N Products is steadfast in conducting business in-line with our vision and mission. We will do so by abiding to our values and guiding principles. In this way, we aim to make evident our commitment to uphold our Corporate Duty and exercise our Social Responsibility. 4N Products will achieve its desired results through positive actions and with a clear conscience.

Every employee in the 4N Products family plays an integral part in defining and maintaining our values and guiding principles.

  • Leadership – We will be seen as a market leader delivering innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions for all our customer needs with a focus on continual improvement.
  • Honesty – We will conduct ourselves with a superior level of honesty and integrity at all times, abiding by not only, the letter of the laws and cultural values of our country, but by their spirit as well.
  • Happiness – We will always create a strong level of fun and happiness in the workplace. It is important that our vision is balanced and that we remember to ‘smell the roses’ and keep things in perspective.
  • Trust – We will always trust our fellow colleagues to do the right thing by our customers and suppliers as well as ourselves. We will trust our clients’ integrity.
  • Empowerment – We will always support, encourage and empower our team to make and deliver on decisions. We actively encourage team members to think constructively and progressively and aim for continual improvement in our operations.
  • Change – We live in a world that is fast-paced, forever evolving and progressing and must embrace change with reassurance and encouragement. It’s everyone’s responsibility, as a team, to work closely with each other to manage change with all its challenges and complexities to achieve our desired business goals and objectives.
  • Pride – We take pride in everything we do and how we present ourselves at all times. We are committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism in both our internal and external presentations and relationships.
  • Communication – We will communicate, never dictate, what we want and how we feel whenever issues arise. We will play an integral part in our own development and the development of the organisation. We will be clear in the way we communicate and will always listen and try to understand our clients’ and fellow colleagues’ needs and wants. Communication is the essence of all relationships and healthy relationships thrive from strong two-way communication. Communication is how we connect.
  • Commitment – We are all united and committed to achieving our business goals and objectives. The company is committed to all its employees and has a responsibility to develop each and every one of us in this process. All managers within our organisation are approachable, from the Managing Director down, and we work in an open environment where the ‘door is always open’. Our business operates as a team and we always aspire for the same business goals.
  • Sustainability – Environmental responsibility is key to maintaining ongoing business sustainability. We support a precautionary approach in dealing with all environmental solutions. Initiatives that tackle environmental challenges are actively encouraged and when appropriate, championed. We engage in the adoption of environmentally sound technologies.
  • Conflict Free Minerals Sourcing – 4N Products will only source raw materials from suppliers conforming with IPC 1755 Conflict Minerals Data Exchange Requirements (CFSI Conflict minerals reporting template).
  • Respect – We conduct our business with respect for human rights and common decency, treating others as we ourselves seek to be treated.
  • Reflection – We acknowledge our decisions may have broad impacts and we strive to understand and learn from them. We aim to be a positive force in our community.
  • Anti-Corruption Vigilance – 4N Products will maintain ongoing engagement with TRACE International to help it conform to the international requirements of anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies. We will continue to demonstrate our due diligence on this moral issue.