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Mechanical Self Tapping Tee Installation Instructions

  1. Assemble tapping band on main line making sure that the pipe is clean prior to assembling.
  2. Place the lower part of the band on the underside of the pipe and place the top part of the saddle onto the bolts making sure the the E-Lip seal is positioned correctly in the groove. Tighten the assembly until the two sides of the saddle meet.
  3. Screw in the service tee hand tight. Do not use a wrench.
  4. Remove the top cap and using a 12mm hexagonal tool, screw the cutter clockwise into the pipe. When the cutter meets the pipe continue in a full clockwise turn and then half a turn counter clockwise. Repeat the process until the main is penetrated. A reduction in torque is felt.
  5. Screw the cutter counter-clockwise until water flows from the service outlet allowing any swarf to be flushed out. Screw the cutter clockwise to shut off.
  6. Connect the service pipe into outlet using the appropriate fittings to suit pipe (copper or poly).
  7. Screw the cutter counter clockwise back to the top of the service tee, this will release the flow of water into the service pipe. Replace cap over the cutter.


The cutter can be used to close the supply by screwing it back into the main.

Special care must be taken not to over-tighten the band on pipes, such as asbestos cement (AC) which exceed 122MM OD.