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Valve Boxes


Valve Boxes


Lid Assemblies – Class “B” traffic loading

Designed for every industry incorporating underground valve boxes, the 4N Valve Boxes and Lid Assemblies are the standalone replacement for concrete and cast iron access boxes.


  • Plastic replaces less durable concrete
  • Class “B” traffic loading
  • Major weight advantage, 4N valve box weighs 12kg, concrete weighs 400% more, 60kg
  • Easy installation, no concrete apron required
  • Performance rating meets AS/NZS 3996 Standards
  • “New” green lid for irrigation now available


  • Less likely to be damaged during installation and while in use
  • Installation is more efficient and less costly
  • Lighter weight satisfies employee weight lift restrictions, minimizes strains and injuries
  • Better for employees and installers, fewer workman’s compensation issues              

Warning: To be installed in accordance with the network owner’s installation instructions. (see link below)

Note: The lid assembly MUST be securely fastened to the valve box using the 8 pre-drilled        holes located around the edge of the lid assembly. The recommended fixings are stainless steel G316 12G x 1″ PAN XR SELF TAPPERS. 


Round Sluice Valve Cover (SVC) Assembly – Class “D” traffic loading


  • Suits 150mm Series 2 pipe
  • Class “D” traffic loading
  • Available colours – blue / lilac / orange / black
  • Complete assembly includes, black base, lid holder or surround, lid, 2 x locking caps, 1 x dust cap (PVC pipe not included)